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With the introduction of the brand new KORG PA1000 most of the sounds, styles and musical applications of the PA4X have now become available to the public at large with an attractive price-tag and a superb internal amplification system. Thus an excellent choice for both home-player and gigging artist alike.


Based on my previous experiences with Korg and the creation of JS Resources for among others the PA50,80,500,800, etc. ( see other pages) it is now time to introduce those who have recently acquired a Korg PA1000 to the merits of my programming. Great care and countless hours of programming have been dedicated to bring you mor than 200 new  Total Registrations located in the Songbook and Setlist ( formerly known as Performances), over 250 new and/or tweaked Sounds as well as  250 Keyboard Sets,  and a host of extra  sounds and styles (freeware)  almost filling both internal and user memory to its full capacity.  All in all your PA1000 should sound better than ever before.


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NO, the JS Musical Resources  do not replace any of the factory default resources.
Any programming already done will be affected initially but can easily be restored if you follow the guidelines in the manual that comes with my Resources

Allow me for you and all other owners or prospective owners of a Korg PA1000 to elaborate so that once and for all this matter gets cleared.

First of all I would like to remind all of you that Korg arranger keyboards ever since the introduction of the PA range with the PA1X on the outset of this century is one of the most flexible keyboards on this planet if it comes to saving and loading resources. ( styles, sounds, pads, registrations, etc). It is the only keyboard that even allows the owner ( should he or she wish to do do) to wipe the entire factory styles presets and replace them by styles of your own.

To load or save the entire user memory ( user sounds, user styles, user samples , user pads) you can simply use the SAVE or LOAD function in MEDIA MODE. If you care to switch of the "factory protect "in global mode you will even save the factory styles as well. You can opt to save/load ALL or parts, like e.g. only one bank of styles, or even only one style. All this is done in the LOAD/SAVE MODE in MEDIA. We are talking here about ALL.sets.

By contrast you can also back up the entire contents of your keyboard in one go ( all users and all factory material) by making a so-called BKP file in the MEDIA>>UTLITIES section.
In that same section you can either RESTORE the complete factory default settings, or restore your or someone else's BKP file.

The "problem" with many users is the fact that they are afraid to make full use of these functions for fear of losing data. That is an absurd notion ! Why would Korg include these fantastic means of saving and loading if not for the benefit of its user ? Nevertheless I always advise people to save their current contents in two ways: 1/ BKP ( utitilities) and ALL. SET via SAVE ALL (with factory protect set to off preferably)

Now as to my new JS Musical Resources for the PA1000.
The ONLY way to hear and appreciate what I have done is basically to load my BKP file. ( explained in detail in the accompanying manual). Then you will go through all my stuff , see below, and afterwards restore your own BKP file and go "cherry picking " in my ALL. SET file to get the things that you want. Now all this seems a lot of work but remember this:
To save your stuff both in BKP mode and in an ALL.SET and subsequently loading my BKP file will take less than 10 minutes !!! Not a lot if you take into consideration that by doing so you have at your disposal over 100 hours of extra programming..

Now what is replaced and what is not replaced ? As I already mentioned NOTHING has been removed from the factory default settings. ONLY things have been ADDED.
I have added styles even to the empty spots in the factory style banks, I have filled up virtually all User Style Banks. I have programmed and tweaked SOUNDS in SOUND MODE and filled up user sound banks 1 and 2. ( bank 3 courtesy to Dopamine). I have programmed Keyboard Sets in banks 1,2,3,4,5 and filled up banks 6,7,8 courtesy to Dopamine.

These total registrations are the main part of my efforts and are not song-related. They are,I hope, very strong and musical total registrations that will sound inspiring and put a smile on your face.

Once you have loaded by BKP file my advice is:
First go through all these 200 registrations , taking your time and find out what you like and what is not your cup of tea.
Then go to SOUNDMODE and sample the 256 Sounds in the user banks 1 and 2 ( all prefixed JS or JSS).
Then go to Keyboard Sets in STYLE PLAY MODE and sample all the keyboard sets in banks 1,2,3,4,5. ( all prefixed JS or JSS)

When you have finished doing all that which I presume you would do in a couple of days you can draw your own conclusions, restore your own BKP file and fill it up with the things that you liked in my programming.

Good Luck !!!!


John Smies