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Korg have introduced the brand new Micro Arranger. It is an extremely versatile and compact arranger keyboard identical to the PA50sd model, which in fact means that it is virtually identical to the PA80 and even the PA1X. Of course the bigger models have extras , but sound and style engine wise they are all identical.Taking into account the price of this handy little arrange keyboard it is a most attractive deal, in particular for those who do not yet own a Korg but whose main keyboard is a Yamaha or Roland . On page 9 I have also included advice as to how you can hook up your Micro to a Yamaha arranger Keyboard. Of course the same can be done to a Roland or Ketron keyboard.

Having programmed extensively on the PA80 and PA50 for many years I have put together several sets of MUSICAL RESOURCES for the Micro.

Each set contains 160 new total registrations (Performances),many new user sounds and user styles and even additional factory styles. All in all quite an improvement over, and addition to  the factory presets, in particular as regards Performances. And just to make sure you will be satisfied with my offer I am throwing in a large Bonus Surprise for good measure.

Fortunately it has become clear over the last 18 months that my efforts are not of a commercial nature, see the internet Korg forums and user comments on my webpages. Once more I would like to emphasize that I am a home musician and that one of my addictions is programming.I do think however that one good turn deserves another and as such I ask for a standard 25 euro donation for whichever Resources you require. I am convinced you will find it money very well spent and even guarantee to refund this small donation should you not be satisfied with all the things that you have received from me !!

For more details : pasounds@zeelandnet.nl

 Kind regards,
 John Smies