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Just got the Resources pack from John Smies to try on my newly acquired MicroArranger. as I wanted to see what could be achieved with such a mini marvel, as I've been using Yamaha PSR-S01==910 for the last 3 years.
I have to say that I am very impressed!!
Only problem is having the time to select my favourite styles to make up my own collection, as obviously, not everything contained in the pack is "all things to all men".
But I am very pleased so far.
Well done John.

Al Woodall  (UK)


I just purchased the Resources Last week for My MicroARRANGER and this is easily the best value I have had in a long time.. It has provided me with many more options and I absolutely love the performances! Nice Job John!

Like the main poster, My biggest problem is finding the time to search through them all!

If you haven't purchased them and have been hesitating, I would suggest just going for it because it is a much better purchase than anything else you will find online for the Korg MicroARRANGER



Hi John:

The sounds and styles John has programmed for the microARRANGER are far superior to the factory settings. It's obvious that John has spent many hours working on this project, and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Wilton (USA)




In regard to factory styles, everyone has his own opinion of suitability. In my case, I am not one to delve deeply into styles or performances to substantially modify them, but, only tweek them. This means that I associate songs that I know with a particular style. In some cases factory styles ring a bell and in many cases yours do. I really like your performances and styles, and, in many cases, they are better than factory. There shouldn't be any absolutes however, because everyone is different. I do think that all of us owes it to themselves to see for themselves what a grand collection you have laboriously compiled. I have purchase your complete works and have found it to be bargain. Thank you John."

Bernie Ackermann (USA)





Hi John,

I wanted to send along a little note telling you how much I am enjoying your keyboard setups.  I have loaded most of the material and have found dozens of outstanding sounds, styles, and performances that will fit well into my gig requirements.   I also downloaded just about everything I could find from the Korg Forum download area and have also loaded your three resource disks from the PA80 section.  All in all they are really great.   I hope Korg knows who you are and listends to your ideas - they certainly should.
I spent 25 euros and John sent me, via download, literally thousands of styles, performances, and programs that date back as far 2002 - things he developed over the years as a Korg PA owner. I am totally satisfied with my purchase and his work does indeed add sound quality to the KMA! 
 Deane (USA)
Hoi, John;

Ik wil je even de vólle credit geven, voor je software;
Ik heb mijn hele leven in de keyboard-business gezeten,
en heb zelf ook het een en ander in elkaar gesleuteld.
Maar ik heb diep respect, hoe jij er in slaagd,
van een lelijk jong eendje ( Micro) een witte zwaan te maken !
 Hij is nu DE perfecte aanvulling op de  Tyros,
en completeerd juist alle sounds en ritmes, die ik nog miste !
 ( je snapt niet, dat mensen , het bedragje  wat ik nu besteed heb aan de Micro, plús jouw software,besteden aan een schamel paar van die belachelijk dure Yamaha-geluiden;
Voor de zelfde prijs als twéé schamele geluidsbankjes Tyros-sounds, heb je met de Micro ongeveer 100 keer zo veel !!!)
 Nogmaals zeer bedankt, en ik kan zéker weer 3 winters dóór !!!
I ordered last month after reading this thread here about extra and better sounds ofr my new Micro Arranger compared to the factory presets

A big Canadian "thank-you" to John S. for promoting his Musical Resources package of countless additional ENHANCED sounds and styles for the Korg Micro Arranger...because...
Ever since the transfer to John of the nominal donation suggested . . .
. . . I have been totally happy.
I am not tech-savvy. His package is loaded with much more inspriing "styles".
The stuff is easy-to-load; and the sounds are all WONDERFUL.

Please contact me directly at
newday5229@gmail.com if you have any questions as to either:
1) the package of Musical Resources
2) John's professional, outstanding follow-up "customer service".
David P.
Hi John myFriend,
your sets of resources are the best value for a donation on the market.I am more than happy with them,they have transformed some of the voices and styles,and your tutorials have been a blessing.I have had a great result via Midi.Thank you for your support and software John.will recommend you should the subject of styles and software come up with my friends.
All the best .
John Pringle, UK



Hi John

When I heard your demos it struck me that I was much less impressed with your arrangements as I was actually using your sets on my Micro. Because your performances and all the changes that you have brought about widely exceed the factory sounds, styles and performances.Without any doubt !

However the demos do not bring out the difference and sound a lot like any average keyboard.


I have no idea as to why cause I wish lots of folks would acquire your programming for that token amount, considering the superb added value your programming has given my Micro. I sincerely advise your programming to any Micro owner who will find it hard to believe how you have brought out the expressiveness of the Micro.


Music is something one must undergo. And the best way is realtime behind your own Micro Arranger

I for one have a great time behind the Micro, using your sounds and inspiring styles.Keep up the good work, John!



Sincere greetings,

Auke (Netherlands)


 Ik ben sinds een week in het bezit van een Korg Pa50SD ( die zoals jullie misschien weten volkomen identiek is aan de Micro Arranger, afgezien van de grootte van de toetsen.)

Door veel te lezen op dit forum kwam ik de resources tegen van John Smies.
Inmdiddels heb ik de resources van Jonh in het bezit.
Omdat ik een leek ben wat te structuur betreft van korg en dit nog moet gaan ontdekken heb ik alle hulp gekregen van John om de resources over te brengen in het keyboard.

Tot mijn grote verbazing ontdek ik dat ik gewoon een keyboard erbij heb gekregen.
De styles die zijn aangepast klinken geweldig en de songstyles die onder de perfomance zijn onder gebracht doen mij verbazen hoe goed en mooi die in elkaar gesleuteld zijn en geprogrammeerd verder ook nog eens een hele reeks aan user sounds.
Het is allemaal echt heel goed gedaan en het plezier is nog veel groter geworden op de Korg Pa 50.

Bij deze wil ik John bedanken voor alle hulp om de resources in het keyboard te krijgen en al het moois wat in de resources gemaakt is. Het klinkt supergoed.

Raad het alle pa50sd  gebruikers echt aan.

John bedankt.

Groetjes William.